Partial project list 

Project names : Gema and Vesta Restaurants (2021)

Project names : Loftus residence; Duong residence; Cardinal residence; Boissé residence; St-Arnaud residence (2020-2021).

Project name : Anteism Project Space

Client : Anteism inc / Book arts inc.

Large ground floor art gallery space within an old garment factory space

Status : phase 1 built; phase 2 in 2022

Size: 450 square metres

Address : Mile-Ex in Montréal

Project name : Canal Lachine Tower Complex

Client : No one - Research and demonstration project

This is a 3 tower multifunctional complex. With 2 residential towers, one office tower, one podium school

Status : tp be published at the end of 2021

Size: 80,000 square metres

Address : Old Montréal / Griffintown

Project name : Ventura Towers

Client : Tishman Speyer Inc. (New York HQ). Via Kohn Petersen Fox Architects New York

Ventura Towers is a high-end corporate international business center. The project design lasted toke place between 2001 to to 2013. It is the first Certified LEED® Gold for Core & Shell™ in Rio de Janeiro. Equipped with the latest telecommunication systems, is has 1500 parking spaces and a rooftop heliport.

Status : built in 2013
Size: 107,000 square metres
Address : Av. Chile 330 Centro, Rio de Janeiro 20031-170, Bresil

Project name : Le Grand-Cèdre shopping center

Client : Groupe immobilier Sodec

The French name of the project is Hypermarché et Galerie marchande Le Grand-Cèdre. This shopping centre features a mixed concrete vertical structure and massive wood horizontal structure, 2 imposing entrances that mark space and the shopping experience. This project was done via Paris based Guérin Pedroza Architects + Buffi associés Architects.

Status : built in 2001
Size: 17,000 m2
Address : Achères (near Paris), France

Project name : Tianjin tower complex

Client : Taifen Real Estate (China)

This tower complex was designed as a flexible multifunctional complexe of one 83 floor office tower and two high-end condominium tower; and a 5 floor commercial podium.

Size: 223,000 square metres

Address : downtown, Tianjin

Project name : ALM Dubai Tower

Client : Al Multaqa Real Estate

The ALM Dubai project is a 3 part Offices – hotel – apartments layers tower on a commercial podium. Each of the three main function has its own independent entrance. The podium features a very large atrium and a rooftop pool.

Status : unbuilt in 2007

Size: 102,000 m2

Address : Central Business Bay, Dubai

Project name : Roosevelt Island Masterplan
Client : Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

This proposal is a dual use oriented program. A long term care complex and a market rate condominium tower part. The proposal is part of a wider North and South Island tips Masterplan. The spatial organization used the notion of clusters. The underground parking ( actually under a constructed hill) is waterproof. The two program parts are unified by a common harmonizing landscape architecture. This landscape architecture concept could be described as a vegetation matrix.

Size: 203,000 square metres

Address : Northern tip of Roosevelt Island in the East River within New York

Project name : Périmétrix

Client : Power Corporation and Ville de Montreal

The masterplan is a bold urban reconstruction concept mostly planned to cover an existing railyard without damaging the operational rails below. The project is composed of more then a hundred new mid-density buildings mainly for housing and offices built around a multi-use public central park. Stone stairs would be carved in the existing docks of the port of Montreal to give direct physical access to the St-Lawrence river, on a 320 meters length.

Status : unbuilt (1999)

Size: 1 km2

Address : Between the St-Lawrence river (to the South); Bercy Street (to the West); Desery Street to the Est) and Ontario Est Street (to the North) in the Hochelaga neighbourhood of Montreal.

Project name : montréalmillénaire©

Client : the citizens of the greater Montreal area
The montréalmillénaire© masterplan project is planned for the city Montréal, affective 2040-2050 after an hypothetical construction phase of 30 ot 40 years. composed of 101 (101 like the famous law no. 101 that preserves social coherence by preserving the local language) hyper-buildings of an average height of 230 floors, all distant of one kilometer, the constructions would have to be still standing in 1000 years. By this proposal we answer the question: what overall form to give to a structuring, federating common social project for the transformation of Montréal into a global city? montréalmillénaire by Claude Boullevraye de Passillé ©2005

Status : conceptual masterplan (2005)

Size: 121 km2

Project name : The OSM Cultural Complex and Government offices International Competition

Client : Quebec Ministry of Culture

This Juxtaposition of public singularities competition proposal os based on the qualified open public spaces that orchestrate points of convergence. The 5 building composition is voluntarily heterogeneous act somewhat like a giant nature morte.

Status : competition proposal (2003)

Size: 281,000 m2